Replacement Ear Tip for Apple AirPods Pro

Patented Cushion Design


Premium Silicon Material

A customizable fit that sits perfectly in your inner ear.

Premium soft silicone material combined with the ergonomic design eliminates ear fatigue.

Enhancement of treble and bass ensure a superior listening experience.

Patented Ear Tip

Patented Adapter

Perfectly Fitting into the Charging Case.

A pack of CP1025 comes with 4 ear tips and 2 adapters. The patented adapter is specifically designed for Apple Airpods Pro.

Comparison Chart

How to Install

You can find two dots on the adapter. Align one of the dots to the inside mesh and click it onto your Airpods Pro

Gently snap CP1025 onto the adapter so the adapter will be covered by the core of CP1025.

Make sure they’re securely installed. Well done!


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